The Highest Quality Organic Hemp Extract


All of our farms are small family-owned farms with a very strict attention to detail, along with our processes that are from a small batch, and include very careful handling of the bottling, packaging, and shipping of our products. With all the extractions we do utilize the whole plant from the stem, leaf, and flower, to bring all the amazing benefits of a whole hemp extract, just right for you!

Sustainable and Organic

With 12 years of research, we have created & perfected a THC mitigation program, that allows hemp to express its true characteristics by using sustainable and organic methods. With using our cultivation processes, it will allow the plant to express it's true genomes to naturally have pestilent-resistant qualities, so there is no need for delivery of any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides to our plants. By using our practices, we guarantee a whole food product that has many benefits that are not only just for you, but for your loving pets, too!