About Us

Endo Scientific is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the hemp plant and the compounds and terpenes it produces. We are farmers, formulators and scientists with over 12 years of experience in research. Our philosophy is to help society, and mother earth, to ultimately benefit our consumers and civilization throughout every single process we perform on a day to day basis.


Our hemp genetics have extremely beneficial properties that are known for their exceptional compound expressions and terpene development. These different compounds and terpenes, such as CBD, CBDv, CBG, CBC, etc., have been found to be highly beneficial for your health. We maintain strict standards of 0.3% THC or lower. 


Through our research we have created & perfected our cultivation program, that allows our hemp to express its rarest characteristics by using regenerative, biodynamic and organic methods. In our practices, there is no need to use any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides. This guarantees a whole food product that has many benefits for you, but for your loving pets too!


Ancient Ingredients & Methods 

Commercial agriculture, pesticides, herbicides and other commercial chemicals and practices have depleted our soil. We no longer receive the nutrition we did 100 years ago. Our goal is providing ultimate and complete nutrition to our plants and soil so they can thrive in their environment creating ancient nutrients, compounds and terpenes that our bodies require to be in homeostasis. We believe farming in a whole way that ultimately provides whole food to our customers. 



Ancient Results

We utilize many resources to form a complete and whole formulation. One that delivers whole nutrition to our hemp. Nutrients that are sourced from plants, birds, animals and minerals from the ocean floor. Biodiversity in plant species grown together to protect and balance the soil and plants, allowing for greater communication between them utilizing the fungi, microbes, and bacteria created through our ancient and biodynamic principles. Enabling the plants to thrive in the most organic way, allowing the most unique characteristics and expressions to occur. Characteristics that can not be expressed unless cultivated and nurtured in their environment. This is our whole way of supporting life, so ultimately we can give life and capture the vitality that only nature can create. We respect and honor Mother Earth in all the principles and practices we follow. 



We test constantly throughout every process, starting from the greenhouse to the field, all the way through formulations to meet and maintain the strict consumption standards of under .3% THC. Also, our products are tested for heavy metals, E.Coli, and other contaminants such as pesticides and residual solvents, so we can guarantee a completely safe and organic product. Consistency and quality are two key ingredients to our success, and every time you buy a product from Endo Scientific, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase knowing that it is a pure and effective product.