“I have suffered from severe headaches due to a traumatic brain injury for 40+ years. I started taking a 25mg capsule of CBD a day and have not had a headache in months! AMAZING. I also use CBD cream for arm pain. I had previously taken pain pills for months before using the cream with NO results. Now, within an hour of applying the cream, I am PAIN FREE.”



“ I have problems with both my knees. I started taking CBD capsules 10mg. I was taking I capsule a day. It took about a week before I noticed that I had no arthritis pain in my knees. I had to think when I last had pain. The pain was not very bad but it did cause me some discomfort enough to keep from concentrating on what I needed to do. I am now taking 25mg 1 capsule a day and that not only helps with my knees but also with my arthritis in my neck. Since I spend a lot of time on the computer it has helped with neck pain and headaches.”



"I am a 65 year old woman. I have suffered from arthritis in my joints for several years. For many years I took naproxen sodium for the pain. It worked very well but I found that I needed it almost every day. Last year I went to my physician for my annual physical. Shortly after that I received news from my doctor that I had mild kidney disease as a result of taking the naproxen sodium. So I tried taking Tylenol instead. But It just didn't work as well. Then a few months ago I learned about CBD. I began taking the capsules in 50 mg doses. I now find relief from pain with just two of those capsules a day and I have been unable to find any side effects that might be harmful to me. Pain relief is achieved almost immediately."


*names changed for privacy